Rate Increase

Effective April 1, 2022

Last year, Shore Water Company filed an application for rate relief with the NJ Board of Public Utilities. On April 1st, we were granted a 32% increase. Our last rate increase was received in 2010, and the one before in 2000, which means in the last twenty-two years, we have had two rate increases. Despite exorbitant inflation rates we have endeavored to control costs and avoid the rate increase applications that most utilities apply for and require and receive every two to three years. The process itself is a most thorough and complete examination by the State Board as to the viability and need for rate relief and is never taken lightly or easily. We do not set our own rates. Questions or complaints should be directed to the NJ Board of Public Utilities at 800-624-0241. 


The nature of shore communities is very different than that of year-round communities. Unique to the area is the seasonal occupancy which leaves many homes vacant for much of the year.  However, the water utility system is in operation and all lines are maintained for the full year, regardless of occupancy. It is not so much a function of how much water is consumed but a matter of the ongoing maintenance of all aspects of the system of transmission, distribution, storage and testing. Most importantly we provide year- round fire service protecting your home or second home as the case may be. 


Mandatory improvements to the system, especially the infrastructure, are ongoing.  We must increase our rates to ensure our ability to properly provide an adequate supply of safe, potable water and service to your valuable asset.


If you need to set up partial payments, please email us and we will contact you with a plan to do so.


Gloria F. Stuart